Some Information on Anal Bleaching

23 April, 2016


Anal bleaching in the past has been only associated with actors and actresses of the adult entertainment industry. However, the trend has been growing in popularity among regular people in recent times. The main reason is people want to look clean in the anal area to please their partners.

What is anal bleaching?woman

Anal bleaching is a process that is done to make the skin around the anus lighter. This can be done in a couple of ways. The methods include laser therapy and creams. From the two laser therapy is costly and not everyone can afford it. Further, the laser treatment can cause scars, and rashes if not done by an expert professional. Find out more at

Anal bleaching creams

Anal bleaching creams are a great way to get an even toned skin around the anus without the need to risk a laser treatment. There is also no need to feel embarrassed about showing someone your private area. These products can be used in private in the home, and no one will know about it but you.

Are the creams safe?

Anal bleaching creams that are manufactured by reputed companies are safe and are gentle on the skin. They have been made with quality ingredients and will give you the expected results. There are no known adverse effects of anal bleaching creams, and one can expect to use it with ease.

Where can you buy these creams?

There are many drug stores and beauty product shops that will carry these products. You can also purchase them online, and they will be delivered to your doorstep. Buying online may actually be cheaper, and you will not have to go and ask for the product from someone at a store.


When buying anal bleaching products, always make sure you buy from a reputed supplier, There are unscrupulous persons out there who try to sell substandard products that will give you rashes and allergies and they are in fact made of harsh chemicals. You can also learn more online about finding a good product.

anal bleachingThe benefits

The benefits of anal bleaching are purely cosmetic. However, you will feel cleaner and more self-confident knowing that your skin around the anus looks clean and even toned.

Apart from the aesthetic benefits, one can also wear more revealing swimsuits at the beach without feeling self-conscious about showing any dark skin to others.…

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The Ayurveda Treatments – Facts To Know

1 February, 2016


Have you ever wondered what the term Ayurveda meant? Well, Ayurveda is a Sanskrit term that means the science of life. According to the Ayurveda theory, everything in the universe is connected whether living or not. Good health is always achieved when your spirit, body, and mind are in harmony with the universe. When there is a disruption of any kind, it can lead to poor health and sickness.

According to the Ayurveda perspective being healthy is much more than the absence of disease. One has to be of vigor and energy meaning that there has to be a balance in food intake, sexual intercourse, sleep and other activities in life. The primary goal of Ayurveda it to prevent as well as promote the body’s capacity for balance and maintenance.

The three doshas

A Dosha in Ayurveda medicine refers to the three energies that are believed to circulate in the body, and they are responsible for governing physiological activities. They include:

The Vata Dosha

The Vata Dosha (space and air) is thought to be the most powerful as it controls the basic body functions such as cell division. Is described as the energy of movement, that is, breathing, bowel/bladder function and the heartbeat. If a patient has a Vata pattern, they often are described to have dry skin, active, alert flexible or even creative. When they are not in balance, there are anxious and nervous and are susceptible to diseases like mental confusion and nervous disorders.

The Pitta Dosha

The Pitta Dosha controls digestion, a few hormones linked to your appetite and the ability to break down food. It composes of the energy of hormones and digestion. If Pitta Dosha happens to be that central life force in a person, they are likely to develop high blood pressure, infections and Cohn disease among others.

The Kapha Dosha

The Kapha Kapha DoshaDosha involves the energy of growth immunity and strength. If there are imbalances in these, it can lead to accumulation and stagnation. If this is the primary life force in a person, they may have thick skin, muscular function, and well-developed bodies. They may appear tolerant and with a lot of endurance. However, when they are out of balance, they become possessive and lethargic.

Ayurveda treatment aims to integrate and balance your mind, body and your spirit. The existence of this balance is believed to lead to good health and happiness which in turn will help you prevent illnesses. Ayurveda treatment offers methods of detecting diseases at an early stage that can hardly be detected by modern medical investigations.…

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How A Standing Desk Benefits Your Health

8 January, 2016


Modern research has revealed that the impact of sitting at your desk all day for years results in a variety of ailments such as obesity and diabetes. The average office workers spend around 6 hours per day sitting at his/her desk, and many experts have said that sitting at the desk for long hours is similar to smoking non-stop. Doctors have said that the only time we walk is when we move from the parking lot to the office desk.

The default has become to sit only. All these might sound like the latest health fad, but it has been confirmed that a sedentary lifestyle is a detriment to the health in the long-term. The solution lies in  increased use of standing desks which were once made popular by Hemingway and Dickens. The various health benefits of standing desks are as follows

Lowers the risk of weight gain and obesitystanding 2

Weight gain is caused by consuming more calories than you burn. Similarly burning more calories than you consume can result in definite weight loss. Although exercise is the most effective way to burn calories quickly, the use of standing desks can also prove to be highly beneficial.

When you compare a full afternoon of sedentary work, an equal amount of time spent on the standing desk can result in the burn of 170 additional calories. So you can burn extra 1000 calories each week just by standing at your desk every afternoon. This difference in calories is probably one of the reasons why sitting at your desk is strongly connected to metabolic diseases and calories.

Lowers the risk of Type 2 Diabetes

The detrimental health effects of sitting at your desk go beyond the obvious problem of obesity. Those who work for long hours in a sitting position just after a meal experiences a surge in the blood glucose level. In a study of 10 office workers, it was found that standing for 3 hours or more resulted in a reduction of blood sugar spike by as much as 43%. The harmful effects of sitting after meals have been linked to a greater risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

Lowers the risk of heart disease

It wastandings way back in 1953 that certain health experts proposed that standing is better for the health of the heart. For example, the bus conductors who stand all day have low incidences of heart disease related deaths compared to the drivers who are practically sitting throughout the day in the driver’s seat. Prolonged hours of sitting are so harmful that even 60 min of intense exercise would not be able to cancel out the negative effects of sitting. There is no doubt spending more time at your standing desk is beneficial for the heart health.…

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